• Muncie Pottery Jug Vase
  • Muncie Pottery Tall Blue Vase
  • Muncie Pottery peackskin Vase
  • Muncie Pottery Bulb Vase
  • Muncie Pottery Pumpkin Vase
  • Muncie Pottery Ruba Rombic Ashtray
  • Muncie Pottery Ruba Rombic Vase
  • Muncie Pottery Red Vase
  • Muncie Pottery Blue Vase

What is Muncie Pottery?

Muncie Pottery produced art ceramics in Indiana from 1923 through 1939.

The Muncie Pottery began making arts and crafts ceramics in 1923 as Muncie Clay Products, a subsidiary of the Gill Clay Pottery Company. The styles changed somewhat in the 1930's to reflect the Art Deco movement. They furnished ceramic lamp bases for the Aladdin Manufacturing Company for several years before ending production in 1939. As the premiere manufacturer of art pottery in Indiana, vintage Muncie Pottery is highly collectible, especially to those who enjoy the arts and crafts style. These pieces fit perfectly with a prairie-style decorative scheme, and the prices are very reasonable when compared to many other period potteries. The wide range of glazes allow decorators to fit almost any color pallette, especially when focusing on the simplest forms.

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